About us

Constant commitment for over 30 years

Engen Meccanica was established in 1980 by the will of the founder Ettore Minen as a design studio supplying know-how in the steel industry.

In 1985 the company took a first step forward by offering its customers not only its expertise in the design of special machines but also the realization based on the customer specifications.

Over the years, Engen’s research and development effort has allowed the company to file some important patents as well as to cooperate with remarkable industrial groups.

The fields in which Engen Meccanica can offer its precious contribution are many thanks to its natural inclination to problem solving. This is made possible by the continuous dialogue between the design, construction and assembly departments. In the cold working sector we design and manufacture:

straightening and finishing machines, bevelling machines, load/unload stations. Plasma cutting, hot spinning machines, hydraulic test, indoor sandblasters, automated depots, cylinder necking-in operation for the high pressure cylinder industry.

In 1993 Engen produced the first strapping machine model which, for a long period, will be marketed by a leading company in the industrial packaging sector with an exclusive agreement. To date there are more than 300 strapping machines made by Engen Meccanica both as part of the commercial agreement and for other customers.

In 2008 the son Enrico Minen became the company’s spokesperson taking the lead.

Since 2012, Engen Meccanica has been certified ISO 9001-2008 by DNV.

In 2013 the exclusive contract ends, deciding to directly market the strapping machines with its own brand and offering customers bespoke solutions.

To date, the company can count on the specific professionalism of ten operating units, with the presence of a team of up-to-date technicians to guarantee an accurate assistance service on Engen and third party products.

In recent years, the core business of the company is represented by industrial packaging machines: strapping machines and related automatic strapping plants, wrapping and binding machines and material handling, loading and unloading systems.

Engen Meccanica is based in Manzano (Udine), in a 2,000 m2 factory where the design, construction and assembly units cooperate.