Automatic lower head strapping machine


The automatic lower head strapping machine is made for strapping bars and tubes bundles with steel strap by applying a steam seal.

The machine consists of a welded structure body leaning on the floor. The material to be strapped passes through the spinning wheel. This is also the strap lane, at which the seal is applied.

The seal is applied in a lower position than the material to be strapped.

The lower head strapping machine can be equipped with various options:

  • Power system: strap adjustment and increase system during operation
  • Laser marking: laser head marking system directly on the metal strap. To mark company data for the material tracking.
  • Increased spinning wheel: larger spinning wheel. For the management of larger packs to be strapped.
  • Openable spinning wheel: spinning wheel that can be opened from the top for handling of the material to be processed.
  • Paper applicator: for the application of a cardboard under the strap to preserve the material to be strapped.
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Technical specifications

Standard bundle diameter

180 / 350 mm


Strap of 19 mm or 32 mm


Push type




500 kg

The automatic top head strapping machine can be sized according to the required capacities and intended space.

Application fields

The top head strapping machine is used in drawing plants for strapping bars bundles of various materials (steel, brass, copper) preferably loaded from above.